Dan Devone & Isaac Rochell

Dan Devone and NFL player Isaac Rochelle have teamed up to encourage the healthy benefits from occasionally being 'disconnected' or 'offline' and reconnecting with your community!

The Problem

Recent data and studies demonstrate a mental health crisis currently taking place involving todays youth (ages 12-26) The percentage of kids today that are dealing with depression, anxiety, detachment is unprecedented! This trend has coincided with the spike in social media and the introduction of the smart phone. There certainly may be other contributing factors to this disturbing trend, but it has hard to ignore the unhealthy excessive online behavior that have consumed so many as being a significant factor!


Isaac Rochell


"Our intention is to start the conversation about what it means to be healthy on social media. Let’s start by taking Saturday’s off."

Chargers' Isaac Rochell

Isaac Rochell fell into a social media funk many of us can relate to. He found himself consumed by his accounts and missing out on the things right in front of him. He calls it "an unhealthy relationship with my phone." So he decided to do something about it. Rochell has championed the cause #SeeYouOnSunday, a movement urging social media users to put down their phones on Saturdays and go enjoy life. He penned a letter to ESPN through Chargers reporter Eric Williams to promote this cause.

Dan Devone


"I provide the answers to how we can reemerge from these barriers we have inadvertently created around ourselves in these remarkable technological times!"

Dan Devone

Dan is one of the most requested motivational/professional speakers and a rising star! His talk, entitled ‘A Balanced Attack’, has effectively resonated with leading global brands around the world. Dan emphasizes the need to balance between excessive online behavior, and maintaining a balance with inter personal interactions, or as he refers to ‘EYEBALLING AND TALKING TO SOMONE’. Dan provides the answers to this growing problem.

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"Look out world there is a new rising star in motivational speaking, and his name is Dan Devone"

—  CBS Morning News, New York

'Dan is without a doubt truly electric as a speaker, and on a trajectory to true greatness in the world of professional speaking'

-Dan Fouts, NFL Hall of Fame Quarterback/Professional Network Broadcaste

"The presentation was one of the highest rated sessions of the entire Summit. We’ve been flooded with positive feedback from our audience. An impactful session that was nothing short of amazing!" 

—  Tyler Lettich, Senior Event Coordinator

Innovation Enterprise

"I have seen Dan Devone speak on four different occasions, and each one was better than the last. He is a ball of energy, enlightening, informative, entertaining and nothing short of amazing as a speaker!"

—  David Kweder, Senior Vice President Morgan Stanley