Talking on camera for a living has provided me with the unique insight and expertise towards my subject matter, 'Communication in the Digital Age'.


Modern technological advancements that have supposedly made today's communication much easier, but in reality has isolated many of us.


We are living in remarkable times, with landmark groundbreaking discoveries. Today's hyper connectivity through social media, the growth of artificial intelligence, digital discoveries etc.. all should be recognized, valued, honored and admired like any other achievements that have influenced, and shaped our lives through the centuries.


However, I emphasize a conventional practice that must always be revered and utilized for us to continue to flourish as well adjusted, productive people. I encourage a sense of balance between the old and new forms of communication.


The often overlooked, and most effective form of communication, simply looking at, and talking directly at someone, having inter personal interactions, are becoming a lost and treasured art. 


We have insulated ourselves, and our natural instinctive forms of linear communication have diminished considerably. As a people we have a need for emotional fulfillment!


We now interact at warp like speed, but the question I pose to my audience is 'DO WE COMMUNICATE EFFECTIVELY'?


I provide the answers to how we can reemerge from these barriers we have inadvertently created around ourselves in these remarkable technological times!


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